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About this Site

I originally created this site to keep Knebworth residents informed about the progress of the Local Plan, back in 2016. Although there was a lot of opposition to the plan at the time nobody seemed to be interested in adding content and I eventually lost interest and stopped adding pages. Because the site was already hosted, I decided to re-purpose it as a repository for info about Covid-19 as all I needed to do was upgrade the site to the latest version of the software (MediaWiki 1.34) and delete a few pages. I added an SSL certificate and Cloudflare to make the hosting a bit more robust and secure. I like MediaWiki as it's a simple system to maintain and it's easy to allow anyone to contribute content. It's also familiar to most people as it is the software that runs the mega-site Wikipedia: I'm pretty sure it can take any amount of content that Knebworthians can throw at it! You can find out more about using MediaWiki here.

I have created a mailman mailing list, so people can collaborate via email. This seems slightly 1990's nowadays, but it means that people who don't 'do' social media are not excluded, so if there is interest we can get it going. Mailman is still heavily used in universities: it's free software (from the Free Software Foundation) and I feel is under-rated in favour of commercial products like Mailchimp. this is where you can sign up.

I downloaded the daisy logo from transparentpng.com. It's a great source of re-usable images.

Steve Hemingway,
Park Lane,